Trump Attacks Warren Immediately After She Begins Class Warfare Campaign

It took about 10 seconds for the 2020 campaign of President Donald Trump to respond to the announcement by Sen. Elizabeth Warren that she entering the presidential race.

“Elizabeth Warren has already been exposed as a fraud by the Native Americans she impersonated and disrespected to advance her professional career, and the people of Massachusetts she deceived to get elected,” the Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said.

“The American people will reject her dishonest campaign and socialist ideas like the Green New Deal, that will raise taxes, kill jobs and crush America’s middle-class. Only under President Trump’s leadership will America continue to grow safer, secure and more prosperous,” he said.

This prompted Sen. Warren’s 2020 rival Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to run to her Democrat colleague’s defense, The Associated Press reported.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (KEER’-sten JIHL’-uh-brand) says Trump’s name-calling is “irresponsible” and “unpresidential.”

Warren entered the 2020 race on Saturday, and Trump’s campaign immediately issued a statement citing the Massachusetts senator’s past claims to Native American heritage.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale says Warren has been “exposed as a fraud by the Native Americans she impersonated and disrespected to advance her professional career.”

Gillibrand tells reporters in South Carolina that Warren “has been an extraordinary public servant” who “will keep fighting for Americans.”

Would Trump destroy Warren?

Warren, for her part, was not interested in mentioning President Trump by name during her announcement but there was no doubt who she was talking about, CNN reported.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, in her presidential kickoff rally said, ”corruption is a cancer on our democracy. And we will get rid of it only with strong medicine – with real, structural reform. Our fight is to change the rules so that our government, our economy, and our democracy work for everyone.”

In her first direct mention of President Donald Trump, she said, “we need to change the rules to clean up Washington. End the corruption. We all know the Trump Administration is the most corrupt in living memory. But even after Trump is gone, it won’t be enough to do a better job of running a broken system. We need to take power in Washington away from the wealthy and well-connected and put it back in the hands of the people where it belongs!”

Declaring she is not afraid of a “hard fight”, Warren told her rally, “Sure, there will be plenty of doubters and cowards and armchair critics this time around. But we learned a long time ago that you don’t get what you don’t fight for.”

Outside the site of a 1912 labor strike led by women, she said “no, I am not afraid of a fight. Not even a hard fight. When the women of Everett Mill walked away from their machines and out into the cold January air all those years ago, they knew it wouldn’t be easy. But they also knew what was at stake for themselves and their families. And they weren’t going to let anyone tell them it was “too hard.”

Warren said, “doubters told the abolitionists ‘it’s too hard.’ Skeptics told the suffragettes ‘it’s too hard.’ Cynics told the trust-busters ‘it’s too hard.’ Naysayers told the foot soldiers of the civil rights movement ‘it’s just too hard.’ But they all kept right on going and they changed the history of America. Sure, there will be plenty of doubters and cowards and armchair critics this time around. But we learned a long time ago that you don’t get what you don’t fight for. We are in this fight for our lives, for our children, for our planet, for our futures – and we will not turn back.”

“The middle-class squeeze is real, and millions of families can barely breathe. It’s not right. This disaster has touched every community in America. And for communities of color that have stared down structural racism for generations, the disaster has hit even harder,” Warren said.She later said: “To protect their economic advantages, the rich and powerful have rigged our political system as well. They’ve bought off or bullied politicians in both parties to make sure Washington is always on their side. Some of them have even tried to buy their way into public office. “

Warren also told the crowd that she’s, “tired of hearing that we can’t afford to make real investments in child care, college, and Medicare for All. Can’t afford things that help create economic opportunity for families.”

“I’m tired of hearing that we can’t afford to make investments in things like housing and opioid treatment. Can’t afford things that address rural neglect or the legacy of racial discrimination. I’m tired of hearing what we can’t afford because it is just not true,” she said.

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