Syndicated Cartoonist Dumped For Hidden Anti-Trump Message

A newspaper in Pennsylvania dumped the popular syndicated cartoon “Non Sequitur” because it contained a hidden profane message to President Trump.

The message said “We fondly say go f–k yourself Trump”, the New York Post reports:

The cartoon ran Sunday in the Butler Eagle and the profane comment was hidden in its lower right corner.

“A sharp-eyed Butler Eagle reader alerted the newspaper of what appears to be a vulgar shot at President Donald Trump … and it will cost the cartoonist his place in the Eagle’s Sunday comics,” Ron Vodenichar, the newspaper’s publisher and general manager wrote on the Eagle’s website.

Wiley Miller, who drew the “Non Sequitur” cartoon strip, urged his readers to find his message.

“Some of my sharp-eyed readers have spotted a little Easter egg from Leonardo Bear-Vinci. Can you find it?,” Miller wrote on Twitter Sunday.

His message said, “We fondly say go f–k yourself Trump.”

Vodenichar said his newspaper and other publications were tricked into running the comments because they had no “opportunity to remove it even if they had discovered it before distribution.”

Take a look at this seemingly innocent cartoon:

The Butler Eagle has more:

The three-panel, black-and-white cartoon encourages readers to color in the panels, which this week featured a “Bearaissance” character named “Leonardo Bear Vinci.”

“A reader brought to our attention that one of the syndicated comic strips which appears in the Sunday Butler Eagle may contain a hidden message which was apparently placed there by someone in the creative department of the creator of the comic strip or the syndication which controls it,” said Ron Vodenichar, Eagle publisher and general manager. “Neither the Butler Eagle nor any other newspaper that includes this strip had an opportunity to remove it even if they had discovered it before distribution.

“We apologize that such a disgusting trick was perpetuated on the reading public. The Butler Eagle will discontinue that comic immediately,” Vodenichar said.

The cartoonist should be ashamed of himself, but sadly liberals have no shame.

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