Eight Illegal Immigrant Families Sue Taxpayers For Millions of Dollars

Eight illegal immigrant families are demanding millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers because they were separated from their children after illegally crossing our border, the Daily Mail is reporting:

Eight immigrant families demanded millions of dollars in damages Monday from the Trump administration for separating them, including a Guatemalan woman who alleged an officer said her five-year-old son would be taken and then taunted, ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’

In claims filed with the U.S. government Monday, the parents accused immigration officers of taking their children away without giving them information and sometimes mocking them or denying them a chance to say goodbye.

The claims allege that many children remain traumatized even after being reunited with their parents, including a seven-year-old girl who won’t sleep without her mother and a six-year-old boy who is reluctant to eat.

First off, don’t believe that these families were mistreated this way. HHS and Border Patrol personnel are for the most part very professional and careful to not cross the line with those captured.

Next don’t do the crime if you’re not willing to do the time. Anyone crossing our border illegally should be treated like the common criminal they are. The responsibility for being separated from their children is squarely on the shoulders of the parents.

Taking your children on a perilous journey to then sneak into a country illegally borders on child abuse in my opinion.

Nevertheless the lawsuits against U.S. taxpayers by these families will continue:

Stanton Jones, a lawyer for the families, said the families were entitled to monetary damages because of the government’s ‘inexplicable cruelty.’

‘The government was harming children intentionally to try to advance what it viewed as a policy objective,’ Jones said.

‘It’s heinous and immoral, but it’s also a civil wrong for which the law provides a claim for relief.’

The claims were submitted to the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

The act gives government agencies six months to respond before a potential lawsuit, Jones said.

The families involved the lawsuit have proven they are not the kind of people we want in this country. They should be deported and sent back home immediately.

Not allowed to try and fleece taxpayers while getting assistance from the U.S. government.

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